NauticLED has been featured in the december edition of the International Boat Industry magazine.

NauticLED IBI Magazine

NauticLed, the boat lighting brand of Dutch marine safety systems company NauticSupport, started in 2009 with the development of plug-and-play retrofit LED lamps as a result of what company owner Mienco Dijkstra says were “the many complaints about the failures of non-stabilised use of LEDs in the marine sector. We decided to develop a large range of LED replaceable bulbs which contain their own internal LED driver.”
The initial driver design was from 10-30V DC, making the company’s lamps useful for both 12VDC and 24VDC onboard systems. Since its inception, NauticLed, says Mienco Dijkstra, the brand has became a main player in
quality in retrofit LED replacement lamps and now exports them to more than 25 countries. The biggest advantage of LED retrofit lights, he claims, “is that you save instantly 80-90 per cent of energy for
lighting”. That’s in addition to a 90 percent reduction in heat production. Lately the company has concentrated on optimising its drivers to make them suitable for a larger voltage range. It latest LEDs can be used from 10-36VDC, with some products optimised to 10-40VDC as, increasingly, its retrofit lamps
are used in larger vessels including superyachts. “Most ships have a 24V AC board system, which makes the transition to LED more complicated,” Dijkstra says. “Our bulbs contain an internal
rectifier which rectifies the AC to a DC power which is compatible with the high
frequency of AC transformers. Because rectifying 24V AC power will lead to 34V DC, we increased our driver range to a maximum of 36V DC,” he explains. The company’s new premium G4 models and new E14, E27 and B22 bulbs
can be supplied with the latest drivers capable of handling higher voltages. As well as its retrofit LED bulbs with internal drivers, the company has now started to develop complete LED luminaires. Its latest diffuser light series, introduced at METS 2013 are ‘buzz-free’ dimmable units that give a shadow-free wide-angle light output. For the marine industry there are three new models, at 2W, 3W and a 6W, which are available for 12VDC or 24VDC or can be driven by a constant current external driver (350 mA).

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